This is competition F Class style shooting range only



Provincial Competitors Letter


It has been brought to the attention of the Board of the Saskatchewan Provincial Rifle Association that the
Saskatchewan Provincials and Team Canada Practice will not be covered under the DCRA
Membership Insurance. We have it in writing, directly from the insurance underwriter, that our events will not
be covered under the DCRA insurance policy as only events being organized and run by the DCRA are
covered. This is very unfortunate as we have always been told that any sanctioned DCRA event would be
covered under the DCRA insurance.
All participants must have insurance to participate in shooting activities at the North Star Range –
Home of the SPRA.
The SPRA and its members are insured through the CCFR insurance- HTTP://
The CCFR insurance covers shooting activities anywhere in Canada – on certified ranges, informal
shooting areas as well as hunting situations.
A 2024 SPRA membership is $100 (this includes the CCFR Membership – $40 Value)
You must have a SPRA membership or a valid 2024 CCFR membership to participate in the Sask
Provincials and Team Canada Practice. We will not accept 3rd party insurance – as the legal interpretations
between providers represents too much risk for a volunteer organization to manage.
Many new people have already bought a SPRA membership for the first time even before the unfortunate
ruling came down from the DCRA’s insurance provider.
At this time we would like to point out the advantages of being a full SPRA member: 2024 SPRA
Membership – $100 –
1) Ability to apply for a season site at the SPRA Campground – SPRA members only
2) Winter storage for campers at the SPRA Campground (subject to the winter storage fee) – SPRA
members only
3) Ability to camp at the SPRA campground without additional administration fees applied to non
members (Regular per night camping fees still apply to everyone)
4) Free practice days – SPRA members practice for free – Non members pay $15 for a practice day
5) SPRA members are able to vote at the AGM and stand for board positions (must be an active participant
within the club)
6) The $40 CCFR membership is included in your SPRA membership – The SPRA registers you with the
CCFR and pays the $40 on your behalf.
7) SPRA members have full access to the clubhouse and shower – including clubhouse supplies, BBQ’s,
Smokers etc
Thank You your SPRA Board

SPRA MEMBERSHIP 2024 Online Form

Type of Membership Requested:
  • If you would like to get a DCRA Membership please contact the DCRA.
  • SPRA Membership year is 1 Jan until 31 December yearly.
  • Seasonal - You are assigned a camping site and are able to set up your trailer for the shooting season (May-Sep). You are responsible for cuttingthe grass in and around your trailer and to keep the site tidy. Trailers must be removed from site after the last match of the season. Daily camping fees are additionally $15 a night for 30AMP service and $10 for a 15AMP service.
  • Winter Storage - While the SPRA wishes for all trailers to be removed from site after the last match of the season, if you are not able to remove your trailer from the property the SPRA will allow you to store it along the East fence for the winter.