This is competition F Class style shooting range only

Policies & Procedures Manual

1) The RED safety flag at the entrance to the range must be raised the entire time the range is in use. It must also be lowered by the last person leaving the range before locking the entrance gate.

2) All participants must sign the log sheet when entering and leaving the range. The  Log book is located inside clubhouse on Info Board/Registration Table

3) The RSO has full authority and control of the range at all times, competitors must  follow all directions given by the RSO.

4) The RED – Portable firing line flag will be raised and stay in place the entire time there are firearms at the firing line.

5) The GREEN – Portable firing line flag can be used once all rifles have been cleared, ECI flags installed and all rifles have been checked by the RSO. Once the Green flag is raised an authorized person can proceed down range to attend to any issues that may have arisen. The RSO will keep the firing area in a “GREEN CONDITION” until the authorized person has returned and reported in to the RSO

6) The Horizontal Loading Rule is in effect at all times on the range. A competitor can only load a round into the rifle once the rifle is in the horizontal position with the muzzle pointed down range and the RSO has declared the range is HOT and competitors are free to fire.

7) All rifles will come to the line and leave the line with a ECI flag installed at all times

8) Rifles can only leave the line once the ECI flag is inplace and the RSO has declared the rifle clear and ready for removal

9) All competitors including the RSO have the right to call and enforce a CEASE FIRE at any time. Once a cease fire has been called – All competitors will clear their rifles, insert a ECI flag and move 2M back from the rifle. The RSO will walk the line and ensure that all rifles are CLEAR and then attend to the issue that caused the CEASE FIRE.

10) All ammunition – Factory or Hand Loaded must be safe and within spec for the rifle it is to be used in. Blown/pierced primers or excessive pressure causing stiff bolt opening will be investigated by the RSO and will result in the rifle or ammo being removed from the line until all equipment can be proven safe to use.

11) Safety Eyewear and Hearing Protection is mandatory for all competitors and RSO on the firing line. You must wear these protective items when the range is “HOT”, if you are not wearing these items you will not be allowed to shoot and will be removed from the firing line immediately.

12) No one impaired by Alcohol or Drugs will be permitted on the range at any time for any reason.